JAP Vision

A vision of Pappu Yadav

The basic dream of the people of Bihar needs to be fulfilled and to turn this dream into a reality, Pappu yadav is working day and night.

A Madhepura M.P, a politician from Bihar or just a sober man who believes in a fact that says,

“Giving is the greatest act of grace”, is working constantly working solely to serve this purpose.

The target is helping the backdrops. The one who hasn’t been given even basic attention. The attention they need or require for just getting their basic rights.

Pappu yadav, the Member of Parliament from Bihar is working rigorously and that too in the space of all the aspects of trouble.

Jan Adhikar Party, a party formed by Pappu Yadav knows, ‘The smallest act of Kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.’

Hence, the vision of Pappu jee as an individual is end illegal happenings, crimes, empower women, sort cast based discrimination and increase employment in the state.

We Stand For People of Bihar

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