"Against the biased political activities JAP(L) manifests for equality"

Pappu Yadav is an emerging leader who has worked for suppressed and helping out normal public. Pappu Yadav came out with his Jan Adhikar Party as a political party in Bihar. As per the name working for rights and equality of people. If we turn out the work history of Pappu Yadav as a leader or as a social activist, we could get many of his noble work done from flood relief camps to Ryaan Murder Case Protest. Even he helped a family to get the penalty money after their child’s death from Paras hospital, Patna. Jan Adhikar Party also ran a campaign for free education and a rally  named “ ROJGAR NAHI TO SARKAR NAHI’ under his leadership. Pappu Yadav is a known leader of Bihar and his political party in Bihar - JAP(L) as the well known name in Bihar Politics. Jan Adhikar Party is the political  party in Bihar, not just working at social or political level, even supporting the financially weaker sections and  young students for education. Pappu Yadav actively leads his party to work towards his agendas and manifestos positively.

The Overview of Jan Adhikar Party Candidates list, Bihar MPs, members joining this political party of Bihar with latest updates, Pappu Yadav presents this official website of Jan Adhikar Party for their Democratic rulers.


Now a days Bihar politics is at its peak. There are lots of off lows in Bihar politics. In this journey of Bihar politics, Jan Adhikar Party is the only political party in Bihar who committed to make Bihar a New Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories , bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries. Every political party in Bihar has its own mission like that Jan Adhikar Party also has a mission for Bihar elections 2019.

Right now, Jan adhikar party under the leadership of Pappu Yadav actively participate in Bihar politics.

Jan Adhikar Party a sole political party in Bihar who actually stood up for the oppressed , weak and downtrodden sections of Bihar. The basic motto of this political party is to provide equal opportunities for education and employment paramount by Pappu Yadav to prove coming Bihar Elections 2019 for changing the state's scenario. All Jan Adhikar Party volunteers are active to fulfill the party's mission. It is said that the Golden Age of India was the ruling period of classical Gupta Dynasty in Bihar which was synonymous to a period of flourishing cultures and education. Bihar has been indeed a witness to important spiritual and historical development around the world.

We have got political freedom but it is not benefitting the common people. Common man has not got socio-economic freedom even today! Our society is divided in the name of economic inequality, caste politics, socio-gender divides and not to forget the most shameful practise, social barbarism. We, at JAN ADHIKAR PARTY (Democratic), have pledged to free Bihar from these bondages and achieve the ultimate goal of socio-economic freedom.


Jan Adhikar Party is superintended to work at the ground level with 100% employment and education to reach at the depth of society . JAP(L) is always committed to the words for the betterment of society. The Party is continuously gearing up for the development of Bihar and its people. Even as just a party of Bihar, JAP has worked during floods and adopted villages pf the state which were overlooked by Nitish Kumar's government .

Looking forward to work with the great mission and sole vision in the state as the strengthening political party in Bihar.

JAP(L) has uprooted the negative politics of Bihar , and worked for Biharis staying anywhere in the country. Jan Adhikar Party is seeking towards Bihar Election 2020 to change the present scenario of corruption , poverty and other lacking factors the state.

With many factors and work ahead, Jan Adhikar Party as a political party in Bihar has already started working on various grounds against corruption and helping the needy , standing with them. JAP just don’t present manifestos, the basic dream to watch Bihar as a state with developments and positivity. To raise the state at higher level in the country , free from negative issues.


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Rajesh Ranjan popularly known as Pappu Yadav and Netajee was born on 24th December 1967, Working as MP in Bihar, Rajesh Ranjan has good political background. He had won elections to the Lok Sabha in years 1991, 1996, 1997 and 2004, standing from several constituencies in Bihar as an Independent leader, Lok Janata Party & RJD Candidates. He has been awarded as Best Performing MP of Bihar in 2015. Pappu Yadav defeated Sharad Yadav in the 2014 general elections and has formed his own party during 2015 Bihar Vidhansabha Elections, namely Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic). Though the party couldn’t win 2015 elections, yet the manifestos and agendas of the party are fully based on it’s dedicated towards working for the every strata of the society. Pappu Yadav’s wife, Ranjeet Ranjan is a Congress Leader, an MP from Supaul, and his son is a player of Delhi Cricket Team.

Pappu Yadav
MP, Madhepura (Bihar)

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