JAP Mission

The mission of Pappu Yadav

Health, wealth, cleanliness and happiness are the basic requirements of any state or country. To fulfill all these basic needs, there is a need of a responsible politician. Rajesh ranjan, fondly called Pappu yadav, who being a politician from Bihar who have also founded his own political party, JAP or Jan-adhikar party works right to solve such existing issues.

Hence, Pappu yadav commits to make a new Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories, bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries.

The mission is to change the face of Bihar, and win the Bihar 2019 elections and serve the people as a government.

The greatest changes needed in the society are from the basement. If the base is not handled carefully, everything will go into vain. The country needs more of such politician who selflessly does anything possible for the country. The country needs such warriors.

We Stand For People of Bihar

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