Cast based demography

Cast based demography

Pappu Yadav- The Madhepura Mp’s Electoral buzz- 2019 !

‘Ages have passed, lots has changed. Goodness has definitely become rare. The eye search for it in every other person but unfortunately, it isn’t helping. Waiting isn’t helping. Someone among us have to stand up and work as soon as possible.’ This is what Pappu yadav must have thought before putting his hands in the world of Politics. Being an MP from Madhepura, he has somewhere made a big impact over people and that too in a positive way.

Talking about what part is polarized towards pappu yadav, we would go forward with a famous cliché that say, ‘“Rome pope ka, Madhepura Gop ka”. No wonder why this phrase exist is because this region of Bihar is completely owned by the gops, Pappu yadav being one of them. Pappy yadav is an MP from madhepura and stands from the same place to fight election. The yadav community alone constitutes 35 per cent of the total population in this north Bihar district. Thus, it is quite evident that from the numbers that how dominant the Gops are in this section of Bihar named Madhepura. One wrong selection of candidate by the NDA can adversely affect the BJP- led alliance.

In all four constituencies — Madhepura, Singheshwar, Bihariganj and Alamnagar — Yadavs are followed. The extremely backward castes such as kewat and Gorhi, included in the scheduled caste category by the Nitish Kumar Government are the followers of this section.

Pappu yadav’s Contribution

Since there are a lot of people who actually follow Pappu yadav and his compassionate human behavior. Here, we are not going to talk just about the things Pappu yadav aspires to do but the things that he have actually done. In the supervision of Pappu Yadav, a new rail line has been formed between supaul and galgalia, from kursela to bihariganj, from saharsa to Garh Baruari. 9 new train of humsafar has also been launched recently for various states like Kosi, Delhi, Mumbai and Patna.

Under Governments Gram sadak yojna, Pappu yadav has led the foundation of sonbarsa tamkuhi road. Pappu yadav, MP of madhepura even sat with the common people there and heard their issues and problems. Very recently, Pappu Yadav showed green signal to the much awaited New Delhi- Barauni- vaishali express and packed off its extension till Saharsa.

Pappu yadav’s Steps for aid

Health, Wealth, Education, Cleanliness and happiness are the basic requirements of any Society. To fulfil all these basic requirements of the society, there is a need of a responsible politician. Rajesh Ranjan, fondly called Pappu Yadav has established himself as a strong leader in politics of Bihar, and he works in order to sort the existing issues. New Bihar is what Pappu Yadav, Mp of madhepura aims for. To initiate this work, Pappu yadav keeps visiting his public through “Aapke sewak aapke dwaar” (link with blog). To know his vision for Bihar, you can read the blog “Vision for Bihar- from pappu Yadav’s sight.”(Link)

Pappu Yadav came up with SEWASHRAM under his self founded Jan Adhikar Party. The word itself defines what it is provisioned for. It provides shelter to the disease stricken people and their families. It’s somewhere shocking to believe that he is running this Ashram on his own at his personal living place in Patna and Delhi, along with keeping the charge of costs needed for their cure and care. It is definitely a great dedication to humanity.

“Somebody said it right; Giving is the greatest act of grace.”


With his Dil ki baat, he takes out all the pain he have for the public and talks about rest things he is planning to do for his people. We definitely need somebody who has dreams or shows dream to people which he is likely to fulfil instead of hanging up around unlike other politicians. Choosing Pappu yadav is definitely a boon for all the people looking out for a real life change. Election is near and nearer is the time of making a right decision. The 2019 elections are the only chance for the public to make decision inclined to their benefits.

Pappu Yadav, Member of Parliament from Bihar is working rigorously and that too in the space of all the aspects of trouble. Netajee follows the saying, ‘The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the biggest intention.’ Pappu yadav is worth million praises as, “A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds”

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