JAP Vision

JAP Vision

Vision of Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav had a vision in his mind and formed his own political party in Bihar. While forming his political party in Bihar “Jan Adhikar Party” he had to face a lot of difficulties in his journey. But he never got dishearten or discouraged. He always move ahead with a single goal to help the poor and needful people of Bihar. This party always focus on development and want to overall development of every citizen of Bihar. Jan Adhikar Party is superintended to work at the ground level with 100% employment and education to reach at the depth of society .

JAP(L) is always committed to the words for the betterment of society. The Party is continuously gearing up for the development of Bihar and its people. Even as just a political party of BiharJAP has worked during floods and adopted villages of the state which were overlooked by Nitish Kumar's government . Looking forward to work with the great mission and sole vision in the state as the strengthening political party in Bihar. Jap is the only political party in Bihar who is paying the role of real opposition party in Bihar. JAP(L) has uprooted the negative politics of Bihar , and worked for Biharis staying anywhere in the country.


Jan Adhikar Party is seeking towards Bihar Election 2020 to change the present scenario of corruption , poverty and other lacking factors the state. With many factors and work ahead, Jan Adhikar Party as a political party in Bihar has already started working on various grounds against corruption and helping the needy , standing with them. JAP just don’t present manifestos, the basic dream to watch Bihar as a state with developments and positivity. To raise the state at higher level in the country , free from negative issues.

We Stand For People of Bihar

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