About jap : a political party in bihar 

Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) emerged as a new political alternative to bring relief from atrocities.There are crores of people in the state attached to this establishment. This is not a party but it is a society of ideas.

The focal point is to give the people the expected fundamental rights. 


Dual education system has been established in the state. On one hand, children of rich and prosperous people receive education in private facilities, while on the other hand, the children of the poor-laborers are learning just alphabets in some way in the state government system. There are no teachers in schools, neither is a quality laboratory nor library. It means the culture of reading-teaching is away from the school. The condition of higher education has also worsened. Colleges and universities have become institutions to distribute only the degree.


Health arrangements have become worse. Due to the absence of resources in government hospital, patients are not fetting proper treatment. At the same time, private hospitals have become the new centers of exploitation, where the poor and the oppressed people are taken in the way of economic-mental harness. There is an endless saga of oppression of women, poor, dalits and backward in the state.


Crime, murder, loot, rape, robbery have become a common matter. Terror Rule has been completely ganged in the region. But the current Nitish government does not have any control on this matter.

In such a situation, Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) is established for implementing a uniform education policy in the state, strengthening the higher education system, providing employment to the youth, making complete alcoholism free region, repairing the government health system, exposing education mafia and health mafia. The goal is to create crime-free, corruption-free prosperous Bihar.  The common people of Bihar get a life of peace and tranquility.

They are neither afraid of any mafia nor fear of the woes of the feudal and oppression. 

Our goal is to make the government powerful enough to finish all these negativities and the mafiagiris from the state and also to make the state the systematic one.

Today, Jan Adhikar Party is growing steadily. Faith has been established in the general public for party policies. Jan Adhikar Party will continue to work towards the state's welfare and development. Jan Adhikar party is committed to create a new Bihar.

We Stand For People of Bihar

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