Our Mission



Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) is committed to make Bihar a New Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories, bringing new reforms and improvements, establishing industries and many more . We pledge to develop  Bihar as an emerging state towards growth and development. Some of the major key points to put in action are:

·    Government shall fully take the responsibility of education and health services.

·    There will be a specific law for the children of Government employees and Public representatives according to which their wards shall study in the government schools and receive health care services  in government hospitals.

·    Bandopadhyaya commission report’s recommendation for land reforms will be applied.

·    Free seed, fertilizer and irrigation facilities will be given to farmers having upto 1/2 acres of land.

·    Provide free technical education to girls, Dalits and other minorities and arrange for their employment.

·    Re-Organize the coaching and lounging system running in the state.

·    Necessary changes will be made in the curriculum / syllabus from primary school level  to colleges so that every graduate can get jobs somewhere and they can become ethical citizens.

·    The industries in Bihar will promote conservation of natural resources, water, forest and land.

·    Corporate and local businesses have been occupied on the livelihood of traditional jobs like fishermen and barbers. In such a situation, a coherent relationship will be established between those traditional workers and corporate and local business entrepreneurs, so that the traditional employers get better jobs and opportunities.

·    Equal and Uniform education system will be implemented so that the poor and the rich all get equal and quality education.

·    Structural improvements will be made at government hospitals and first aid centers.

·    Social, economic and political atrocities will be eliminated and a strong system of responsible governance will be established for the common man's aspirations.

·    Special privileges will be given to talented individuals.

·    Agro-based industries and Agrico Industries will be set up.

·    Any product that will be manufactured through village industry will be bought by cooperatives and the marketing agency of the government will make it available in the market.

·    All private clinics and private hospitals will have to treat at least 30%  poor patients every month for free. This poor patient will have a recommendation from a government agency.

·    Compulsory and Uniform education Policy will be implemented instead of right to education to ensure that it becomes mandatory for every kid till 14 years of age to attend school. Respective parents of  the non attending kids will have to bear the expenses and also some of the potential government facilities will be discontinued for them.

·    Poverty will be redefined in which financially, socially and politically vulnerable individuals will be identified and taken care of.