JAP Mission

JAP Mission

Mission of Jan Adhikar Party

Now a days Bihar politics is at its peak. There are lots of off lows in Bihar politics. In this journey of Bihar politicsJan Adhikar Party is the only political party in Biharwho committed to make Bihar a New Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories , bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries. Every political party in Bihar has its own mission like that Jan Adhikar Party also has a mission for Bihar elections 2019. Right now, Jan adhikar party under the leadership of Pappu Yadav actively participate in Bihar politics.

Jan Adhikar Party a sole political party in Bihar who actually stood up for the oppressed , weak and downtrodden sections of Bihar. The basic motto of this political party is to provide equal opportunities for education and employment paramount by Pappu Yadav to prove coming Bihar Elections 2019 for changing the state's scenario. All Jan Adhikar Party volunteers are active to fulfill the party's mission. It is said that the Golden Age of India was the ruling period of classical Gupta Dynasty in Bihar which was synonymous to a period of flourishing cultures and education. Bihar has been indeed a witness to important spiritual and historical development around the world.


We have got political freedom but it is not benefitting the common people. Common man has not got socio-economic freedom even today! Our society is divided in the name of economic inequality, caste politics, socio-gender divides and not to forget the most shameful practise, social barbarism. We, at JAN ADHIKAR PARTY (Democratic), have pledged to free Bihar from these bondages and achieve the ultimate goal of socio-economic freedom.


We Stand For People of Bihar

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