• political party in bihar,pappu yadav

  • political party in bihar,pappu yadav

  • political party in bihar,pappu yadav

pappu yadav mp india

Jan Adhikar Party (L) by Pappu Yadav MP India

''Against the biased political activities JAP(L) manifests for equality"

Pappu Yadav is an emerging leader who has worked for suppressed and helping out normal public. Pappu Yadav came out with his Jan Adhikar Party as a political party in Bihar. As per the name working for rights and equality of people. If we turn out the work history of Pappu Yadav as a leader or as a social activist, we could get many of his noble work done from flood relief camps to Ryaan Murder Case Protest. Even he helped a family to get the penalty money after their child’s death from Paras hospital, Patna. Jan Adhikar Party also ran a campaign for free education and a rally  named “ ROJGAR NAHI TO SARKAR NAHI’ under his leadership. Pappu Yadav is a known leader of Bihar and his political party in Bihar - JAP(L) as the well known name in Bihar Politics. Jan Adhikar Party is the political  party in Bihar, not just working at social or political level, even supporting the financially weaker sections and  young students for education. Pappu Yadav actively leads his party to work towards his agendas and manifestos positively.

The Overview of Jan Adhikar Party Candidates list, Bihar MPs, members joining this political party of Bihar with latest updates, Pappu Yadav presents this official website of Jan Adhikar Party for their Democratic rulers.

Work by Pappu Yadav

Jan Adhikar Party formed on 9th May 2015 is moving forward with day to day dedicated efforts in every level of society . Pappu Yadav, the leader of Jan Adhikar Party dedicates his time serving people of Bihar, even to those staying away from the state. The party is concerned about Bihar and its affairs all over India. The day to day regular visits to various social meet ups, addressing the mass, seeking request for the betterment of education and employment. Jan Adhikar Party has supported students of Bihar against the violence on them in other states of the country. The party has led many campaigns against the improper working of Bihar government. Not just speaking in front of crowd has been the motto of JAP(L) , the work of the party yells out the manifestos. Political Party in Bihar formed by Pappu Yadav JAP(L) has reached the deepest core of the foundation i.e even the poorest has been served and treated well by the party and its members. Be it the time of BSBE Result Muddle, be it the time of heavy flood in Bihar, JAP has given its best with full dedication to help the needy.

Pappu Yadav

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About Pappu Yadav

Rajesh Ranjan popularly known as Pappu Yadav and Netajee was born on 24th December 1967, Working as MP in Bihar, Rajesh Ranjan has good political background. He had won elections to the Lok Sabha in years 1991, 1996, 1997 and 2004, standing from several constituencies in Bihar as an Independent leader, Lok Janata Party & RJD Candidates. He has been awarded as Best Performing MP of Bihar in 2015. Pappu Yadav defeated Sharad Yadav in the 2014 general elections and has formed his own party during 2015 Bihar Vidhansabha Elections, namely Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic). Though the party couldn’t win 2015 elections, yet the manifestos and agendas of the party are fully based on it’s dedicated towards working for the every strata of the society. Pappu Yadav’s wife, Ranjeet Ranjan is a Congress Leader, an MP from Supaul, and his son is a player of Delhi Cricket Team.

Dil Ki Baat

we work for BIHAR - we live for BIHAR - we fight for BIHAR

Latest Blog

madhepura mp shri pappu yadav calls bihar band on special state in june

Pappu Yadav has promised the people of the state to make Bihar the special stated state and he has started working on his parameters to fulfil this requirement. Just the support of common people during the strikes and protests are required to make this possible.

Pappu Yadav visited AMU and gave inspirational speech to students

Pappu Yadav was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and love showered by the Student’s Union . He acknowledged the greetings he received from the students itself .Pappu Yadav wished good luck to the students and asked them to lead the country with their leadership skills and work for society.

Humsafar Express : A New Hope for Seemanchal People

It was the step of Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav that led to this development. His efforts and his proceedings to the Bihar government made it possible.

Pappu Yadav awarded best MP

Pappu Yadav has always led to showcase his work and efforts towards an emerging society; he is a hardworking leader who tends to live for the people and their issues This image of Pappu Yadav has been rewarded by FAME INDIA .

Some Recognized Work by Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav met the Governor of Bihar regarding many issues and talking about this unsettled form of government been running in Bihar. Pappu Yadav even demanded for Presidential Leadership in the state. He discussed with Shri Satypal Mallick , the Governor of Bihar about the recent invalid orders given by the Bihar Government which are ruining the life of common public and students.

Mission of Jan Adhikar Party

Now a days Bihar politics is at its peak. There are lots of off lows in Bihar politics. In this journey of Bihar politics, Jan Adhikar Party is the only political party in Bihar who committed to make Bihar a New Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories , bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries. Every political party in Bihar has its own mission like that Jan Adhikar Party also has a mission for Bihar elections 2019. Right now, Jan adhikar party under the leadership of Pappu Yadav actively participate in Bihar politics.

Jan Adhikar Party a sole political party in Bihar who actually stood up for the oppressed , weak and downtrodden sections of Bihar. The basic motto of this political party is to provide equal opportunities for education and employment paramount by Pappu Yadav to prove coming Bihar Elections 2019 for changing the state's scenario. All Jan Adhikar Party volunteers are active to fulfill the party's mission. It is said that the Golden Age of India was the ruling period of classical Gupta Dynasty in Bihar which was synonymous to a period of flourishing cultures and education. Bihar has been indeed a witness to important spiritual and historical development around the world.

We have got political freedom but it is not benefitting the common people. Common man has not got socio-economic freedom even today! Our society is divided in the name of economic inequality, caste politics, socio-gender divides and not to forget the most shameful practise, social barbarism. We, at JAN ADHIKAR PARTY (Democratic), have pledged to free Bihar from these bondages and achieve the ultimate goal of socio-economic freedom.

Vision of Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav had a vision in his mind and formed his own political party in Bihar. While forming his political party in Bihar “Jan Adhikar Party” he had to face a lot of difficulties in his journey. But he never got dishearten or discouraged. He always move ahead with a single goal to help the poor and needful people of Bihar. This party always focus on development and want to overall development of every citizen of Bihar. Jan Adhikar Party is superintended to work at the ground level with 100% employment and education to reach at the depth of society .

JAP(L) is always committed to the words for the betterment of society. The Party is continuously gearing up for the development of Bihar and its people. Even as just a political party of Bihar, JAP has worked during floods and adopted villages of the state which were overlooked by Nitish Kumar's government . Looking forward to work with the great mission and sole vision in the state as the strengthening political party in Bihar. Jap is the only political party in Bihar who is paying the role of real opposition party in Bihar. JAP(L) has uprooted the negative politics of Bihar , and worked for Biharis staying anywhere in the country.

Jan Adhikar Party is seeking towards Bihar Election 2020 to change the present scenario of corruption , poverty and other lacking factors the state. With many factors and work ahead, Jan Adhikar Party as a political party in Bihar has already started working on various grounds against corruption and helping the needy , standing with them. JAP just don’t present manifestos, the basic dream to watch Bihar as a state with developments and positivity. To raise the state at higher level in the country , free from negative issues.

About Seva Ashram Delhi

Help is never an option, it is humanity, but men are so busy in their own world that helping others seems a difficult task.But among the crowd, few people stand out for their work . They are somewhere laughed on to be such crazy for helping others, being more demanding for other people. Among such unique givers to the society, Pappu Yadav is one such name.

The chapters of his work and affection for the common and poor are numerous , he has created milestones being an MP Madhepura , Bihar. One pick out story is the 'SEVA ASHRAM' running since 1990 for the the disease stricken people and their family. Its somewhere shocking to believe that Pappu Yadav is running this Seva Ashram at his own living place in Delhi, keeping the charge of costs needed for their cure and care. Not just the patient, the family accompanying them are also treated well and their living nurtures are also maintained in the seva ashram.

We have many patients in these years who have been treated well in this Seva Ashram and they visit Pappu ji frequently and thank him for the care they recieved form the SEVA ASHRAM and Pappu Yadav personally . Since the years are growing , with the growth in much love of cmmon people, who are always supported by Our party Conveyer Pappu Yadav je. Jan Adhikar Party, the political party in Bihar has been formed on the same principle of working for the needy despite of any power or rules, being with them in their need and helping the out when they suffer, this is what a true humanity preaches.

The Future of Bihar politics

Youth of Bihar these days are facing violence and humiliation in other states. We want the power of state i.e, youth to be strong but these humiliations outside are weakening them and lessening their confidence . You might have thought at this point of time to change present scenario of Bihar, there you might feel helpless because certain things are not in your hand, for that you have voted for your representative in last Bihar Elections.

Even we feel disappointed at certain issues of the state and wished them to get resolved. As a result, we formed an independent party and started helping people of the state. Of course, the agenda to work for every strata of the society has been accomplished by Jan Adhikar Party. JAP(L) has uprooted the negative politics in Bihar and worked for Biharis staying anywhere in the country seeking towards Bihar Election 2019 to make every individual proud of their state , and live in a tension free environment . The party visualize a different Bihar after coming Bihar Elections 2019, JAP wishes to work now forming the government because working on many issues is not possible independently .

Bihar Elections 2019 is the mirror that is reflecting our manifestos positively . JAP just don’t present manifestos , the basic dream to watch Bihar as a state with developments and positively . Bihar Elections 2019 is a time to raise the state at higher level in the country , free from negative issues .Winning Bihar Elections 2019 is not a single motto Jan Adhikar Party have been working for the people since 2015 and serving more in coming years. This year too, JAP has been able to resolve issues , but to work 100% a support system is required , so party need to form government , their support is needed in forthcoming Bihar Elections 2019.