"Against the biased political activities JAP(L) manifests for equality"

Pappu yadav, originally named Rajesh Ranjan is not just famous as the the founder of, Jan Adhikar Party but also as the ‘Gareebon ka maseeha’. The one who perceives to fight for the betterment of the ignorant section of the society.

Who don’t know what Mahatma Gandhi quoted about good people, “खुद वो बदलाव बनिए जो आप दुनिया में देखना चाहत े है ं.”

Working in the state for a long time and getting to see the situation it is in, an urgent need to bring the change has occurred and hence, he decided to be that change. Starting from his own self, he has helped the needy a lot and that too by going on the ground level.

Bihar is drowning, both internally and externally. All it is surrounded with is Corruption and dirty politics. Emerging as a state of darker shade, to present the name on the brighter side with good youth power and fair politics, Pappu Yadav turned out against the current manifesto of Bihar Government. In this journey of Bihar politics, Pappu Yadav as an individual, as a MP and also as the conveyer of Jan Adhikar Party has committed to make Bihar a New Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories, bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries.

Pappu yadav aims to work from the ground level because the condition of the society is clearly visible from above but yes, it is definitely ignored well too. It is rare, very rare that we have found some politician who thinks more of the benefit of people rather than his own self.

The mission of Pappu Yadav

Health, wealth, cleanliness and happiness are the basic requirements of any state or country. To fulfill all these basic needs, there is a need of a responsible politician. Rajesh ranjan, fondly called Pappu yadav, who being a politician from Bihar who have also founded his own political party, JAP or Jan-adhikar party works right to solve such existing issues.

Hence, Pappu yadav commits to make a new Bihar with many positive changes, reviving old histories, bring new reforms and improvements by establishing industries.

The mission is to change the face of Bihar, and win the Bihar 2019 elections and serve the people as a government.

The greatest changes needed in the society are from the basement. If the base is not handled carefully, everything will go into vain. The country needs more of such politician who selflessly does anything possible for the country. The country needs such warriors.

A vision of Pappu Yadav

The basic dream of the people of Bihar needs to be fulfilled and to turn this dream into a reality, Pappu yadav is working day and night.

A Madhepura M.P, a politician from Bihar or just a sober man who believes in a fact that says,

“Giving is the greatest act of grace”, is working constantly working solely to serve this purpose.

The target is helping the backdrops. The one who hasn’t been given even basic attention. The attention they need or require for just getting their basic rights.

Pappu yadav, the Member of Parliament from Bihar is working rigorously and that too in the space of all the aspects of trouble.

Jan Adhikar Party, a party formed by Pappu Yadav knows, ‘The smallest act of Kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.’

Hence, the vision of Pappu jee as an individual is end illegal happenings, crimes, empower women, sort cast based discrimination and increase employment in the state.


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Rajesh Ranjan popularly known as Pappu Yadav and Netajee was born on 24th December 1967, Working as MP in Bihar, Rajesh Ranjan has good political background. He had won elections to the Lok Sabha in years 1991, 1996, 1997 and 2004, standing from several constituencies in Bihar as an Independent leader, Lok Janata Party & RJD Candidates. He has been awarded as Best Performing MP of Bihar in 2015. Pappu Yadav defeated Sharad Yadav in the 2014 general elections and has formed his own party during 2015 Bihar Vidhansabha Elections, namely Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic). Though the party couldn’t win 2015 elections, yet the manifestos and agendas of the party are fully based on it’s dedicated towards working for the every strata of the society. Pappu Yadav’s wife, Ranjeet Ranjan is a Congress Leader, an MP from Supaul, and his son is a player of Delhi Cricket Team.

Pappu Yadav
MP, Madhepura (Bihar)

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