madhepura mp shri pappu yadav calls bihar band on special state in june

 There is already lot of politics inculcating in the roots of Bihar. Always rising over getting the state listed

as special stated state yet no work is forwarding in this direction. The concerned MLA of Madhepura
district Shri Pappu Yadav has called on a strike in the month of June 2018 to support the cause and demand of Bihar as a special state. On occasion of Bihar Movement, 5th June, Jan Adhikar party will protest at district
administrations. Stop railway movement on 10th June and Bihar Band on 25th June.
Pappu Yadav has already terminated the partition without special package been allotted to the state,
yet no step was taken in this matter and Bihar is still fighting for its special existence among the 29
states of the country. Many ministers and MLAs went away but no concern was taken on this source.
Those leaders are the culprit of 11 crores population of the state.           
pappu yadav band                                                
Pappu Yadav has promised the people of the state to make Bihar the special stated state and he has
started working on his parameters to fulfil this requirement. Just the support of common people during
the strikes and protests are required to make this possible. ‘All that glitters is not Gold’, is the right proverb
for Bihar state, because we are very rich in name among the country just because of its politics, but the
development rate is slow and the state is just getting the negative fame all over the country and that
should be stopped. Jan Adhikar Party has always worked for building a good name of the state around
the country, and this is going to be the great step towards special stated state policy.