Pappu Yadav visited AMU and gave inspirational speech to students

 Aligarh Muslim University conducted a national seminar on 28thApril 2018 focusing on coming future career of students and upcoming struggles. A strong discussion took a speed on when various people talked about the problems and tensions in today’s generating career. Our Party Conveyer Pappu Yadav was the part of this seminar, and even called to address the students of Aligarh Muslim University.

pappu yadav amu


The declining of employment opportunities and challenges for the youth is the main factor and the same was discussed by Pappu Ji . Pappu Yadav talked about humanity as biggest religion and he wishes to see a Muslim Leader  as the country’s PM. Pappu Yadav shares his distress upon the lessening job opportunities and that being neglected by state and central government mutually . Jan Adhikar Party Conveyer also stood for his principles and promised he will always be on the path of humanity and serving the needy.

Pappu Yadav was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and love showered by the Student’s Union . He acknowledged the greetings he received from the students itself .Pappu Yadav wished good luck to the students and asked them to lead the country with their leadership skills and work for society.