Humsafar Express : A New Hope for Seemanchal People

 We know the railway services in India needs much more development and increment in the transportation, still the government takes no interest towards this. But still Bihar has been now boomed with a new railway service. The adding of HUMSAFAR EXPRESS in Bihar is like a gift to the people of Katihar and nearby. The lack of railways is also a negative factor in Bihar, in that negativity, coming of HUMSAFAR EXPRESS is a ray of hope.

humsafar express pappu yadav

.The HUMSAFAR EXPRESS is a Superfast train belonging to Northern Railway zone that runs between Katihar (Purnea) and Old Delhi Junction in India. Categorized under a superfast categorized train. The express runs on daily basis, and the train 15705 HUMSAFAR EXPRESS runs in the reverse direction. The total distance that is been covered by the express is 1472 kms with the travel time of 30 hours. Equipped with full 3 tier AC, pantry car, on board catering and e- catering. Even with the facility of baby care and snacks. The digital laid LED TV to update about stations and even with an automatic perfume spray.

Purnea is still underdeveloped village of Bihar and runs primarily on agriculture, but the region is being developed and has great potential for industries to flourish. The HUMSAFAR EXPRESS connects the developing region of Champaran to Delhi. Farmers benefit largely from this daily train as they can do everyday business in New Delhi, while the businessmen from Delhi find great opportunities in the developing region. On its route, the express train covers other major stations like Gorakhpur Junction, Naugarh Balrampur, Gonda Junction, Lucknow Charbagh , Kanpur Central . All these are major stations of India and residents of Katihar enjoy wide options to fulfill their agricultural and educational needs. Hence, the train acts as a lifeline for Katihar and helps in rapid development of the region.

humsafar express pappu yadav

 It was the step of Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav that led to this development. His efforts and his proceedings to the Bihar government made it possible. The opposition will call it politics, but the strained effort and will power of Pappu Yadav day and night has made this boon flourish in Bihar. We had numerous MPs already in  Madhepra and Champaran  regions, but what the present MP did  is always a token  of applause .Thinking about the regional benefits and local development, a railway service can do this in a better way and can make things reach to people easily. We are glad that Jan Adhikar Party owes Pappu Yadav as Conveyer to make us guide on good work and make us work for people.