Some Recognized Work by Pappu Yadav

 Pappu Yadav has always led to showcase his work and efforts towards an emerging society; he is a hardworking leader who tends to live for the people and their issues. Not thinking of any schedule or making himself very busy is never his cup of tea, he is always and every way there for needy. Pappu Yadav never ignores any bits of help one needs and he gave it as a recent example by his visit in Patna, Bihar.

pappu yadav

Pappu Yadav met the Governor of Bihar regarding many issues and talking about this unsettled form of government been running in Bihar. Pappu Yadav even demanded for Presidential Leadership in the state. He discussed with Shri Satypal Mallick ,  the Governor of Bihar about the recent    invalid orders given by the Bihar Government  which are ruining the life of common public and students.

This was not a single issue; he even rose in favour of Patna University students who were being defamed. He talked about the outer force indulging in ill activities to ruin the name of university and students. Pappu Yadav stood by the student’s council elections and wished every aspirant to have a fair election and be a true council member.

Pappu Yadav always stands for his people, supports the true side, indulges himself in empowering the poor and especially the youth of the state. Pappu Yadav is basically concerned for the future of the state that  has to be bright and away from dark shades of the present government.