An ordinary man with an intense desire for selfless service, turned into a leader, under extraordinary circumstances !’
Voice of the oppressed, weak, downtrodden and exploited, truly a leader and a messiah for such weaker sections of society in Bihar , our honourable MP from Madhepura constituency , Shri Rajesh Ranjan, humbly known to us as Pappu Yadav ji and fondly referred to as Netajee in his constituency (Kosi Area, Bihar),  is a selfless human being devoid of any greed or lust for power, fame and money!
Shri Pappu Yadav ji, born on 24 December 1967 in a Landlord family in Khurda Karveli village, Purnia district, Bihar, is a name that needs no introduction and which spells hope and relief for weaker sections of society in Bihar. He is popularly known as the “Voice of Common Man” in the Parliament and not just that, he has been one of the ‘Best Performing MPs’ of 2015 from his Madhepura constituency, Bihar. All of this just because Pappu Yadav ji has always raised his voice in the Parliament for the cause of oppressed and exploited in Bihar. His agenda has always been to help such downtrodden people and provide them with the basic services that every individual of this state is entitled to.
Shri Pappu Yadav Ji has put in his best effort to bring such atrocities and injustice, meted out to weaker sections of Bihar, to the notice of Central Government and raise funds for their development. Netaji , in his long and eventful political career of about 25 years, has worked tirelessly for this cause. He continued his fight against injustice and atrocities while being associated with various political parties like Samajwadi Party, Lok Janata Party and RJD as well as an independent candidate.
With this noble intention and a strong determination for upliftment of weak and poor, Shri Pappu Yadav ji launched his own political party in bihar , JAN ADHIKAR PARTY (DEMOCRATIC),formerly called “ Jan Kranti Adhikar Morcha(JKAM), in May’2015. While addressing the media post launch, Netajee declared that -
"We are forming JKAM to provide a strong third option to the people of Bihar, who have been cheated by various political parties for the last 67 years. It will fight all wrongs in the society, it will fight the anti-people system, and bring in a revolution for development,"
Shri Pappu Yadav ji made it very clear that Jan Adhikar Party(L) will not support any political activities in the name of caste, community and religion. The sole motto of Jan Adhikar Party(L) is to provide equal opportunities in terms of education and employment to every worthy individual of Bihar and ensure overall development of poor and weaker sections of society . Jan adhikar party is going to become the biggest political party in bihar.
Jan Adhikar Party(L) , under the able guidance of Shri Pappu Yadav ji , has gained immense popularity and has earned a strong support from the people of Bihar. This Party has provided a platform to all those oppressed and exploited people to voice their issues and concern against every atrocities committed against them and avail every possible help.   
Shri Pappu Yadav ji , a Political Science graduate and a diploma holder in Human rights, has even penned his autobiography , Drohkaal Ka Pathik. In his autobiography, Netajee has expressed his love for social causes and a never ending desire to serve the weaker sections of the society.
 Jan Adhikar Party(L) is a political party in bihar. It is a noble  initiative by Shri Pappu Yadav Ji  to serve weak and oppressed and bring  them back to mainstream society. Needless  to  mention  that  Netajee has succeeded in  his cause and has won  the  hearts of people of Bihar by his selfless and dedicated service.
Jan Adhikar Party(L) has given dreams, hopes and promises of a better, much developed, crime free and civilized state to the people of Bihar and indeed it is going to be a game changer in the arena of Bihar Politics.